Leader to Leader

Leader to Leader

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Boomer Retirement Plan

Brooks will use actions, not just words, to prove to our seniors that there is no such thing as a spare New Jerseyan, and to build a nation where seniors are treated with fairness when it comes to taxes, retirement security and health care. Our government must take the lead in making America the most senior-friendly nation. We need leadership that works to increase the independence of and secure the retirements of older Americans.

Paths to Progress
As America’s next US Senator, Daryl Mikell Brooks will fight for:

• Provide Statewide Prescription Drug Assistance. Brooks will work to help seniors afford their prescription drugs and implement a statewide program to help seniors navigate the confusing Medicare prescription drug plan.

• Strengthen New Jersey Retirement Security. Brooks supports the strengthening New Jersey state employee retirement system, protect private-sector pensions, and make smart investments to guarantee the financial security of our retirees.

• Preserve Financial Independence. Brooks will fight for tax relief to adults who are covering their own health care expenses independently of Medicaid. Brooks also supports expanding individual and employer credits for long-term care insurance, developing caregiver tax credits, and special assistance for custodial grandparents.

• Support Families with Older Adults. Brooks supports family leave policies for state employees so that they can take time off to care for their parents and grandparents without worrying about losing their job.