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Leader to Leader

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The question is not whether we should secure our borders. We need to make sure our borders are secure and enforce them effectively. That said, I am very much in favor of legal immigration. Immigration has been the life blood of this country from the very beginning. We are a nation of immigrants, coming from all around the world, and we should continue that tradition by improving the ability of LEGAL guest workers and LEGAL immigrants to enter this country.

A fundamental responsibility of the Federal government is to secure our borders and enforce them. While our government is spending far too much attention in areas it shouldn't be operating in, the areas where it should be operating to the fullest are suffering.

Steps to solve the problems:
No Amnesty.
Providing amnesty again would further degrade the rule of law in this country. It is not right to provide the same benefit of citizenship to those who disregarded our laws as those who regarded them. If we provide amnesty, which laws do we then choose to obey and which ones do we choose to disregard?

Attrition through Enforcement and a no option deadline:
There is no practical way to deport all the illegal aliens in the United States. However, by removing the employment and entitlement incentives combined with a no option deadline individuals will be self motivated to deport themselves and return through a legal process.

No option deadline: At a specified date in the future, anyone caught in the United States illegally will have no option for future citizenship or the option to participate in a guest worker program. Prior to this deadline, all illegal aliens will have the option to return to their country, and then return to the United States through the proper channels via the citizenship path or a guest worker path. Of course, we will also need to speed up and improve the citizenship process and provide for a guest worker program.


Obama said...

"Of course, we will also need to speed up and improve the citizenship process and provide for a guest worker program"

Why do we need a guest worker program? Why not use the unemployed, benefit-claimants or newly-released offenders for these type of jobs? Otherwise I support your position.

Militant said...

I completely disagree with letting anymore immigrants into this country, I firmly believe that we should close our borders off for five years, this will enable us to develop our own resources to strengthen our own job markets with our own US born citizens, this will also give us time to search out illegal immigrants and give big fines to the Italians and Orientals that smuggle them in and then pay for their "lifetime" slaves. Our econonmy is hurting because too many immigrants are here draining us of all resources.