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Leader to Leader

Friday, February 8, 2008


Health Care
There have been periods in my life when I did not have health insurance because of the expense. I can remember just praying that nothing would happen to me until I could find a way to get coverage again. I thought about the care that I might receive as anindigent in a public hospital if I were to be injured or become gravely ill and couldn’t pay for the services. It was a frightening thought, especially when I knew how some folks were being taken care of in private hospitals with the best doctors and newest health care technology. This fear should never be in the mind of a human being in a country as great as the United States, especially when we are spending twice as much on health care per person as the average developed country.

Almost one in five Americans, and more than nine million children, don't have health insurance. For those of us who do have insurance, we often find out that our claims will be rejected when we need a certain medication that has no generic, or a special new treatment, or specialist care that may be out o four area. Health care premiums have more than doubled in the last seven years and are growing five times faster than wages, while our insurance companies have become incredibly wealthy. We must reduce errors,improve patient care and lower our health care costs by using the government’s buying power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices and begin modernizing our nation's health care infrastructure.

As a U.S. Senator, I will go to bat for the citizens of our great state every day, to ensure that we are moving forward on our path towards fully accessible health insurance and medical care for all who desire it. Prescription drugs must be made cheaper, and we must have answers for why there has been price gouging. Health care awareness and delivery to minorities and other under served groups is completely lacking and must be addressed for the United States to make any headway towards increasing quality of life for the population as a whole. My goal as a U.S.Senator is nothing less than for every American to have quality, affordable health care.

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