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Leader to Leader

Friday, February 8, 2008

Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running
America was built on the idea of making and leaving a better place for our children and grandchildren. President Bush and Senator Frank Lautenberg have not kept this promise.

A misguided war and record deficits are crippling our future.
I will ask tough questions and dig for answers and expose sweetheart deals that are costing you and your families millions of wasted tax dollars. Today, that corruption continues, quite frankly, because our government is held hostage by special interests groups, who are the real rulers in Washington. They prevent us from dealing with the problems facing our nation. We have to act now to break their grip and return power to you, the American people.
Washington is broken and our Senator, Frank Lautenberg and the Democrats, are fully complicit in this culture of corruption. He works against New Jersey’s interests and rewards his big money donors with his votes…big business, large insurance companies and lobbyist friends. Our jobs are being outsourced, Lautenberg has no leadership on immigration, and instead works for his friends in China.
Lautenberg has turned his back on students and their families as college tuition skyrockets.

We also have to fix our tax system and change it in a way that provides across-the-board tax relief. It has to provide at least as much help to the middle class and small businesses as it does to the special interests who can afford high-powered lobbyists. A tax system that shifts its burden to the middle class and small businesses while giving special breaks and loopholes to the wealthy and powerful is just wrong. Let's tell it like it is…The IRS has lost the trust of the American people and need to abolish and replace with a better system.

You may be asking yourself why will be any different when I get to Washington. You may think, like I do, that politicians always talk a good game at election time, but then get to Washington and become part of the problem. I will be different. I will not take money from special interests PACs or registered Washington lobbyists - not for this campaign, and not after I get elected. The best way to stay true to what I promise you, and to what I believe, is to stay outside the system that has corrupted so many before me, and that's why I will never take money from PACs or registered Washington lobbyists.

I hope you'll join me. Since I am not taking the easy money that's corrupted so many, I need help from individuals like you, who want to take our country back. We're going up against wealthy, powerful special interests, so anything you can afford to give will be greatly appreciated.

I respectfully ask for your support. It is time we fight back.
I offer trustworthy, competent and genuine leadership. I am not a Politician.

Together we can make a difference.
I am Daryl Mikell Brooks. I am running for Senate.

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